Confused about renewable energy?

renewable energy consultantsA lot of confusion surrounds what renewable energy technology is right for you and your property?

  • What savings can be made?
  • What renewable energy should cost?
  • Where to get renewable energy products?
  • Where to get the best value installation?
  • What grants/funding/tax benefits are available.

As National UK Renewable Energy Consultants we provide honest, independent and impartial advice on green energy technologies, including solar thermal, solar pv, wind turbines, heat pumps, biomass, CHP, Solar Thermodynamics, and rainwater harvesting.

As renewable energy consultants with no ties to any manufacturers, we provide project specific information, for our domestic, commercial, and community/charity clients across the UK.

Our renewable energy consultancy service also include:

As renewable energy consultants we have national coverage with offices in Liverpool,  Ashford (Kent), Croyon (Surrey) ,Norwich (Norfolk), Ipswich (Suffolk) and  Verwood (Dorset).

Don’t be fooled by “sharp salespeople ”, we give honest independent advice. Get the best value installation from Viridis Energie Consultants LLP, Your leading independent renewable energy consultants.

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