wind turbines

The UK has the highest occurrence of strong, persistent, year-round wind of any country in Europe. And yet, few people take advantage of this incredible ‘green’ resource to reduce their energy consumption.

Positioning of a wind turbine is vital, but if you have an area that is free from obstructions then there is a strong possibility that a wind turbine is suitable for you.  With many different types of wind turbines available from small  wind turbines up to large wind turbines we are well positioned to help you find the wind turbine solution that is right for you.

With the introduction of the UK Governments “Feed-In-Tariff” the financial benefits can be huge, and makes wind turbines a shrewd investment with payback’s of less than 4 years not uncommon.

From site suitability, through to calculating your savings, through to planning assistance, let Viridis help you with every aspect of your project.

What are the benefits?

  • Get paid up to 28p per Kwh of electricity generated guaranteed by the UK government.
  • Export fees of 4.5p per KWh.
  • Index linked.
  • Tax free (for domestic clients).
  • Payback as low as 4 years.
  • Additional grants often available to farmers.
  • Adds value to your property.
  • Improves your “Code for Sustainable Homes” rating.
  • Carbon reduction.
  • Differentiates you from your competitors, giving you great PR.
  • Helps meet corporate social responsibility needs.
  • Helps meet your Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).
  • Helps to create an environmental brand name.

Why not try our wind speed calculator to find out how windy it is in your area?

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